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Respected Florida Lawyers Work to Protect Businesses in Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Stuart attorneys aid commercial firms facing internal crises

Conflicts between shareholders in a corporation, or between partners in a partnership, can be detrimental to the business they own and operate. These disputes can be distracting and disruptive and, at worst, they can lead to the dissolution of the business itself. The business law attorneys at McCarthy, Summers, Wood, Norman, Melby and Schultz, P.A. are experienced in helping to resolve these kinds of disputes and to preserve the viability of the business involved. However, if the disagreements are unbridgeable and the problems are incapable of a satisfactory solution, we are ready to help dissolve the business in a fair and cost-effective manner.

Experienced counsel deal with a wide variety of shareholder and partnership disputes

Common sources of conflict that can lead to conflicts among shareholders or partners include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty — A partner, managing shareholder, executive or other ranking member of the company may be accused of failing to act in the best interests of the business, such as by putting their own interests ahead of those of the business or by committing fraud or misappropriation of assets.
  • Breach of agreement — Many businesses have shareholder, partnership and executive employment agreements that spell out the signatories’ duties and responsibilities. Disputes arise when someone is believed to be falling short of the requirements of the agreement or to have committed a patent violation.
  • Management differences — Many conflicts arise from ordinary disagreements about how the business should be operated or what direction it should take in terms of expansion and/or diversification.

If your business is amid a partnership or shareholder dispute, we are ready to provide advice on options for a resolution that does not imperil the viability of the enterprise. Whichever side of the dispute you are on, we will zealously protect your interests.

Protecting business stakeholders’ interests without sacrificing the company

In a dispute among business owners, each side will have its own attorney. The general counsel for the enterprise generally represents the majority partners or shareholders. Whichever side we represent, our first loyalty is to our client, but that does not necessarily mean destroying the business in which you and your colleagues have invested time and money. We work assiduously to negotiate a resolution that keeps the business in operation. Many internal controversies can be settled by such measures as adjusting the parties’ roles, adding new procedures, amending the relevant agreements and reaching compromises everyone can live with. Many times this can be accomplished without the need for either side to file a lawsuit. However, if litigation is unavoidable, we will make every effort to prepare your case or defense while continuing our efforts to work out the parties’ differences.

Attorneys work out business dissolutions and sales that are fair to clients

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, no resolution of disputes can be achieved among business partners, shareholders and managers. When that happens, it will likely become necessary to sell or dissolve the business. We work hard to obtain a result that is fair to you. This includes ensuring that the business is properly wound down and that, once the debts and expenses are paid, you receive the percentage of the net value of the business due you. We negotiate the best deal we can on your behalf and monitor the process to see that it is completed efficiently.

Contact one of our business lawyers to consult on your shareholder or partnership dispute

McCarthy, Summers, Wood, Norman, Melby & Schultz, P.A. provides effective assistance to business owners, officers and directors in internal business disputes in companies along the Treasure Coast and throughout Florida, as well as in numerous other practice areas. For a consultation regarding your needs, please call 772-286-1700 or contact us online. Our office is in Stuart.